What do you do when you find out the train you're on is going the wrong way? If you're Mrs. Picklebottom, you simply jump onto the roof of a train passing in the other direction!

Nine-year-old Charlotte Connelly (and her dad) invite you into the whimsical world of Mrs. Picklebottom and her fanciful friends -- the loyal Mr. Conductor and the British Lord and Lady Tomatotop -- who inspire imagination and joy in these four delightful short stories. 

The Adventures of Mrs. Picklebottom combines the values of deep friendship and problem-solving, with quirky characters and fanciful settings — passenger trains and their various stops. Adults and children alike will laugh out loud and turn pages with anticipation, waiting to see how Mrs. Picklebottom gets out of each story’s unique predicament.

Look for more Mrs. Picklebottom coming soon... Learn more and follow along with Mrs. Picklebottom: picklebottom.net


"I enjoyed these stories so much. They read beautifully aloud which is particularly great! It was comforting for me as a kid to have characters you can grow to love and rely on while the circumstances change. I still love that!" 
--Alison Whitehurst, Broadway actress and star of "Beautiful: The Carole King" US Tour

"These stories are delightful and I like how they work together... By the time you’re done you want to go back and read them again now that you know more about these friends."
--Ben & Bethany Fort, director of Four Day Weekend Sketch Comedy Training, & children's librarian

The Adventures of Mrs. Picklebottom

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