Hearing Hope

Our Saturate Team intentionally stayed slow in responding to the COVID-19 pandemic. To quote the first newsletter that went out after much of the US went into quarantine, "we believe we have resources, thoughts, and encouragements for this moment. And we’ll try to point you to those and share adaptions in this new reality. But, to be honest, we’ve never led disciples through a pandemic. We haven’t done missional communities on Zoom before. We haven’t been on mission to our neighbors without being able to invite others into our homes."

The first resources we DID put out related not to methodologies, mission, or ministry -- they were attempts to remind us all that what is always true -- about God, Jesus, the gospel, and truth -- is still true in a season where everything feels heightened.

I was glad to write a piece for Saturate called "Hearing Hope: Reminders of Truth in Uncertain Times." I needed it the day I wrote it; I still need it today. I hope it serves you too.

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