Two Australian Interviews

Personal Note: One of the biggest bummers for the Connelly family, regarding COVID-19, is that we were slated for a trip to Australia in June. We were getting some family time, and primarily Jess and I were slated to serve churches in three different states as well as speak at a national "pastors' and wives'" retreat. Thanks a lot, 'Rona.

Anyway... while it's not the same as being there, two of our supposed hosts asked us to participate in resources they're developing for their churches and neighbors. Here they are; hope they help navigate this unique season of life and discipleship, no matter where you are on the globe!

> Discipleship in the Shed (with Jamie Bester and Emily Isham: Hobart, TAS - Facebook)

> Lockdown Parenting (with Nathan Oliver and Jess joined too!: Melbourne, VIC - Podcast)

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