7 Marks of Essential Ecclesiology

Post one in a Saturate blog series: "DID I PLANT A CHURCH DURING COVID?"

“So… I think we may have planted a church.”

I’ve heard that statement no less than two dozen times since March of 2020. Actually, it often sounds more like a question—“I’m Ron Burgundy?” COVID has invited much creativity across the global Church, and despite the odds (or maybe because of them), God has started new churches, even during a global pandemic.

On one hand, some new churches started intentionally; on the other hand, some may feel like they accidentally fell into starting a church. I know of small groups across the US who began gathering independently from their larger congregation. I know families who began meeting with neighbors, saw God make and grow disciples, and have now wondered about becoming a house church together. And I’m one of those crazy individuals who was intentionally sent out by our church’s elders, in part as a response to COVID, to form a core team for a new, decentralized church on mission in our city.

So if you’re wondering if you planted a church, first be encouraged: you’re not alone! ...


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