Better Together

Post three in a Saturate blog series: "regional residency stories"

Saturate believes that God’s people are better as we labor alongside and serve together. Every follower of Jesus has some strengths and some needs, and God designed each church to thrive as we mutually give and receive from each other.

The same is true of churches, organizations, and denominations. We’re each one small piece of the pie in any city or region… and we’re at our best when we can lay aside secondary differences and come together in unity for mission, ministry, and collaborative training. To that end, one of the greatest joys of Saturate’s residencies is the truly collaborative nature. One region’s 2020-21 residency, for example, involves residents from Lutheran, Acts 29, two different Baptist networks, and Soma churches. Trainers span various denominations, each able to bring their organization’s strengths for residents to glean from, without any one organization having to be experts in every pastoral competency.

Further, it is a beautiful thing when a local church—who knows a resident couple best, and sees them most regularly —has the help of a residency—where specific conversations are had and specific competencies are trained and affirmed—in training up and sending out their church planting/pastoral resident.

Jon Bricker, an Acts 29 pastor in Illinois, shares his experience of sending a resident through Saturate’s collaborative Regional Residency. Jon discusses how both the multi-organization reality of the residency and the partnership with his local church, have served him and his church in their desire to send out church planters.


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