Five Encouragements for Current & Future Planters

Post Four in a Saturate blog series: "DID I PLANT A CHURCH DURING COVID?"

Church planting exists for God’s mission, and has always been a vital part of that mission. He has consistently sent His people into new mission fields, to minister among new people groups, and often to plant new churches.

Sometimes church planting happens in easier seasons of life; sometimes it happens in difficult times—this has always been the case. Sometimes God plants churches out of human planning; sometimes out of spiritual persecution; and other times out of global pandemics. However God works a specific plant, He invites us to consider our role, and the role of church planting, in His mission and for His glory. In this, the final post of this series, we consider five encouragements for current and future planters, or for leaders who want your church to become a church planting church.


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