S+L Teaching: John 15B

Part Three of Salt+Light Community's* core team gatherings, Fall 2020

Guest post: Nicole Tatum

Salt+Light's third digital core team gathering spent some time on updates and praying through some good and hard news, and also prayed through Psalm 100 as we enter 2020's Thanksgiving holiday season. Then we learned from God and each other from John 15:12-16:4, what it looks like to pursue sacrificial love with others, with God, and with a world who hates us like they hated Jesus. As we consider these things, we pursue our second discipleship value, as we "become like Jesus."

**NOTE: the discussion portion of the teaching time has been removed, so people can feel the freedom to share, muse, ask, and discuss God's word honestly and openly.**

Watch HERE

*This was the first gathering in which Salt+Light had a name!

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