S+L Teaching: John 17

Part Five of Salt+Light Community's core team gatherings, Fall 2020

Matt Tatum opened Salt+Light's final digital core team gathering of 2020 with some year-end announcements and led us in some Christmas hymns. (See the YouTube playlist for songs.) Then (starting at __) Nicole prayed through the tension themes of Psalm 95, and we wrapped up our time in John 14-17 by walking through themes of Jesus' prayer. Prayed the night before he died, his words are largely shaped around his own participation in God's mission, and his impending death and resurrection which empowering his disciples' participation too.

We closed the time by following Jesus' example and praying through some of his prayer's themes. We invite you to pray through those themes too:

  • Unity: pray that Salt+Light will be truly one. Pray for intentional diversity. Ask God if you have any division/bitterness to confess, or forgiveness you need to offer. Ask the Spirit to reveal any areas you need to humble self, consider others more highly than you, and/or need God to help you love someone. That’s unity.

  • Mission: perhaps ask God the Spirit to bring specific folks to mind -- friends, neighbors, family, coworkers or classmates, who don't know X. Perhaps write down a couple of those names. Pray for God to open a door, and to give you his words and boldness when he does. If you’re not sure where/who God sent you on mission to, ask God to reveal. Also pray for Missional DNA groups to form well.

  • Holiness/sanctification: pray to know God more deeply. Pray that you, and our community, will dwell more richly with him through his Spirit, and through intentional spiritual practices. Pray for conviction of sin and deeper known-ness with God. Pray that as we spend time with him, our joy and faith would increase and overflow as God would grow us to be more and more like Jesus and increasingly do what he did.

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