One Thing Many Pastors Lack

Post four in a Saturate blog series: "regional residency stories"

One thing that many pastors say they lack is true, deep friendships. Many don’t feel they have peers in ministry; several feel like they have allies, but not true confidants. A priority in Saturate’s Regional Residencies is to develop residents holistically. This includes providing some of the best trainers to shape our minds in the knowledge of ministry realities, some of the best exercises to give residents hands-on experiences in various competencies, and also some of the best introspection and peer relationships. Our goal is that resident couples’ hearts are stirred for Jesus, and also that they end the process with a trusted group of peers, who know each other deeply and can serve each other in the highs and lows of ministry.

Stephen Weeks, a resident who planted in Philadelphia, shares his experience with these intertwined elements of equipping, and the vital relationships he developed during the process…


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