S+L Teaching: A Better Story

Galatians 1-2: Part THREE of Salt+Light Community's "DNA Foundations," Winter 2021

In this third week of teaching and discussing DNA Groups, Ben Connelly led us through a discussion on Galatians 1-2. Paul shares his own story of who God is, what God does, & who Paul is accordingly, then in seeing Peter's sin, Paul invites Peter to remember and live that same, better story - the story of God.

We consider three layers to God's story, each of which matters. First, the Bible tells the story of "creation - fall - redemption - new creation" over and over again and also one time across the whole Bible. Second, that story is interwoven into nature, culture, and the world around us. Finally, that same story is deeply internal: it defines our ID, values, hope, responses, & our very lives... And yet, like Peter, it's a story we can miss, forget, deny, and ignore. Instead of being defined by God's story, it's so easy to be defined by lesser, false, & fading stories.

Watch HERE

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