S+L Teaching: Discipleship With Jesus

Luke 10: Part one of Salt+Light Community's "DNA Foundations," Winter 2021

In this first of nine weeks of teaching and discussing DNA Groups, Ben Connelly led us through a discussion on Luke 9-10, which is in part a glimpse of how "discipleship in community on mission" looked among Jesus and his earliest disciples. Echoing patterns seen throughout the Bible, discipleship happened in everyday life, within small groups, and involved simplicity and dependence, as we know and obey our Lord's voice together.

From the biblical principles and model, we drew out three tensions for Salt+Light's DNA Groups: each group's longevity will be discerned case-by-case, Salt+Light will empower and equip a relationally-driven structure for groups, and we'll pursue holistic discipleship, rather than groups being exclusively inward-focused or outward-focused.

And we concluded by celebrating Jesus' words in Luke 10:20, that the true source of our joy is not in what, or how well, we do our work of discipleship, but rather in Jesus' finished work -- that our names are written in eternity because of his life, death, and resurrection.

Watch HERE

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