S+L Teaching: God's Gift of Feelings

Psalm 4: Part Four of Salt+Light Community's "DNA Foundations," Winter 2021

Co-taught with Matt Tatum

The fourth week of teaching and discussing DNA Groups falls on Super Bowl Sunday. So as part of an "@Home Liturgy" for folks to do throughout the weekend, Matt Tatum & Ben Connelly lead through a discussion on feelings, how they're gifts from God, & how they reveal what we belief and disbelief toward God. (Walk through the whole @Home Liturgy at www.saltandlightfw.com/feb-7-liturgy)

Matt and Ben both share their own journey into seeing emotions as a gift from God, and encourage DNA Groups to invite each other to ask good questions and share good encouragement, around a "Fruit to Root" process: "(1) what are we doing, that stems from (2) who we believe we are, based on (3) what has God done for us, which reveals what we believe about (4) who God is." If we discover its and false belief, we can root it out and replace it with God's truth. As we ask questions like this in the context of a close trusted community, we grow up into Christ together.

We remember that Jesus felt every emotion we ever will. He shows us how each is a gift from God as we take it to him, rather than let it consume us as we take it away from him. And we also remember that he died for the times we don't respond to emotions well, and rose to promise forgiveness and redemption.

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