S+L Teaching: The Gospel for a Polarized Culture

"The Gospel & Current Events" , Jan 10 2021

After the events in Washington DC this past week, we spent our Jan 10 gathering focus not just on the behavior or actions themselves, but on the deeper culture of hate, division, polarization, and the degradation of humanity & authority that reveals a collective heart behind them, and allows such events. Ben Connelly walked us through three general biblical principles that shape a right posture toward our society, then offered three specific ways to think & act, in the face of division that is both political & intertwined with "the Church." We trust that this teaching will be timely & helpful, both in the coming weeks & as we face future examples of polarization & division.


This is our first-ever "Gospel & Current Events" teaching. One of Salt+Light's values is to help apply the gospel into every facet of life -- including cultural moments & division. So periodically we want to pause our normal gathering topics & instead address confusing current issues & events, faithfully, biblically, & through the lens of the gospel.

Watch HERE

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