Six Things to Avoid in Church Planting

Post three in a Saturate blog series: "DID I PLANT A CHURCH DURING COVID?"

Why do church leaders crash and burn so often?

Church leaders rarely burn out, disqualify themselves, quit, or get fired based on a shortfall in their preaching ability, organizational savvy, shepherding skills, or other external competencies in their day to day work. It happens far more because of something going on in leaders’ internal realities—the heart and soul; one’s humility, self-care, and family life.

Sadly, though, leaders’ internal realities are rarely seen, and seldom equipped. I’m not a “demon under every rock” guy, but I am convinced that Satan hates Kingdom advancement, so his sights are set on individuals, families, and churches that are faithful to the gospel and have the potential to make a great impact for the gospel.

A Heart Check for Church Leaders

When asked to address what church planters should avoid, my mind immediately goes a different direction than common organizational mistakes new leaders can make. There are plenty of resources out there on that. Or you can look at the previous post for some areas to prioritize. Instead, I want to share from the heart six things I’ve seen as we’ve trained dozens of planters that reflect more internal cautions.


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