Spring '21 Family Update

HERE'S the April - May 2021 edition of the update we sent to prayer and financial supporters for our ministry with Saturate.

In this edition (sent the week after Easter Sunday), we reflect on why Easter matters the week after Easter Sunday (and every week of every year). And we also share about some behind the scenes projects in the works, and (finally!) the return of in person trainings! (Of course, you'll also find prayer requests and celebrations, as well as Saturate resources and upcoming trainings.) Here's a taste:

It's common in pastor circles to refer to Easter as our "Super Bowl." (A friend of mine is now a pastor who played in an actual Super Bowl; he firmly rejects that comparison!) But in reality, I think Easter should feel more like "opening day." What I mean is that Easter matters deeply, & certainly it's the answer to centuries of longing. Jesus was proven to be God's Messiah!

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